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Charting Your Future: The Compelling Reasons for Pursuing Australian Permanent Residency


Australia is and has been one of the most popular study abroad locations for students worldwide for a while now. As a consequence, the nation has advanced into the twenty-first century as a melting pot of cultures with some of the brightest brains on the planet.

Becoming an Australian permanent resident with australia permanent residency is something you may want to think about if you are interested in studying there or if you are already a student there. Let’s now examine the advantages of obtaining permanent residency status in Australia.

1. The Complete Freedom To Explore And Travel

Look no further if you’ve fallen in love with Australia’s sun, sand, beaches, standard of living, and overall carefree attitude on life! The greatest thing you can do is apply here for Permanent Residency.

Your PR is only good for the first five years, but you may always renew your visa after that. As a permanent resident of Australia, you have complete freedom to work in any field and pursue any career you’re interested in. Nonetheless, there are several exceptions, such as military duty and public service, which are inaccessible to non-citizens.

2. The Complete Freedom To Explore And Travel

Envision a scenario where you get the travel bug one day and decide to visit Fiji or any of the many stunning countries around Australia. But then you discover you’re on a work visa, and as we all know, there are a lot of restrictions when traveling in and out of the nation when on a work visa. You finally find that traveling is too much of a nuisance and give up on your ambition to do so.

A PR visa is useful in this situation. The permanent resident visa, in contrast to other visas, gives its bearer unrestricted entry and exit from the nation.

In the event that you become too enamored with the nomadic traveller way of life and your visa expires while you are abroad, you will need to apply for a 5-year Resident Return Visa (RRV) in order to extend your permanent residence.

You may also work toward becoming an Australian citizen by obtaining a PR visa. The most recent Henley Passport Index ranks the Australian passport as the ninth strongest in the world, enabling visa-free travel to 185 nations.

3. The Right To Improved Medical Care

If you are considering moving to a foreign nation, getting quality healthcare should be your first concern. The healthcare system in Australia is regarded as one of the greatest in the world, with top-notch facilities and highly qualified medical staff. Australia’s population have comparatively normal lives in comparison to those of the rest of the globe, since it was one of the few nations that was able to contain the devastating Covid-19 virus.

Hospital costs and treatments may be quite pricey in Australia overall, but if you are a permanent resident, Medicare will cover the cost of your healthcare. However, what really is Medicare?

The Australian people may access healthcare treatments at little or no cost thanks to Medicare, an all-inclusive public healthcare program.

The following are usually covered by Medicare policies:

  • Visiting a physician or expert
  • Scans and tests such as x-rays
  • Most medical treatments, including surgery,
  • Optometrists’ eye examinations

Furthermore, as a PR, you have the option of choosing a more comprehensive commercial health insurance coverage or sticking with Medicare.

4. Use Benefits to Keep Your Family Closer

You will be able to sponsor your family members to get australia permanent visa two years after you immigrate there. But keep in mind that this is dependent on your fulfillment of the requirements established by the Australian government.

The fact that your children will automatically become Australian citizens at birth and be eligible for many additional government benefits is maybe the nicest thing about being a Permanent Resident in Australia.

5. Promoting Social Security Income

This one is significant and open to those who have been permanent residents of Australia for a minimum of two years. The Australian government provides a variety of social security benefits to assist those who are struggling until they establish a stable income source for themselves in the nation.

The Australian Social Security System bases a person’s eligibility for benefits on their work, education, health, and financial requirements.

You may get social welfare benefits related to education, illness, and unemployment via a master program offered by Australia’s Social Security Department, generally referred to as Centrelink. These benefits can also be extended to your family.

6. A Major Improvement In Your Credit Score

Your credit score will quickly increase as a permanent resident of Australia, making it easier for you to get approved for credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, and house loans. In addition to receiving loan approvals more quickly, when your credit score rises, interest rates decrease as well, saving you a significant amount of money while repaying your debts.

7. Student Loans Are Better and Easier to Access

You will be regarded as a domestic student if you are a permanent resident of Australia. Under the Higher Education Loans Program, or “HELP,” Australian residents and holders of permanent visas are eligible to receive financial aid for their studies from the government as per the “HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPORT ACT 2003.”

This is especially helpful if, as an Australian PR student, you ever find yourself in a financial bind while enrolling for higher education. Since local costs are substantially lower than those for foreign students, obtaining a PR visa allows you to save a significant amount of money. Student loan applications are now considerably simpler to submit via ‘HELP’, with repayment due only after graduation and employment.


These are only a few of the compelling reasons why people who are already residing overseas are increasingly selecting Australia as their country of choice for migrating and gaining permanent residency. Therefore, let Croyez Immigration help you achieve your ultimate objective of acquiring permanent residency in Australia, even if it appears unachievable at this time. Contact Croyez Immigration right now for any immigration work, including a canada pr visaThe agents at Croyez Immigration have assisted hundreds of clients who have since relocated to Australia, making them experts in the application process for Permanent Residency.

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