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Learn How to do Stock Market Investment for Free


The stock market is indeed a lucrative destination for many investors. Investing in the share market provides us several opportunities to gain big from our investments. One can build a corpus of funds and create a considerable amount of wealth over time. A great number of examples of ace investors are floating on the web itself. Moreover, the advent of mobile trading apps made it now pretty simple to invest in the stock market.

Investing In The Stock Market 

We shall learn how to stock market investment first. It is essential to know how the entire process works. We can use a share trading app and start. Using online trading apps is a smart way to invest in stock markets easily and free of cost. However, to learn it we should have proper knowledge of the steps involved in investing. Here is a quick guide for you.

1. Gain Enough Knowledge

The stock market is a very dynamic entity. Therefore, market experts always advise learning about it properly before starting to invest. There are several books on stock market functioning. Read them thoroughly and try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Without the proper knowledge, you are likely to make wrong moves which could hurt you badly. Further, you can also learn from the experiences of legendary investors. Read the books written by them which are rich resources for learning to invest.

2. Devise A Proper Trading Strategy

Stock market investments not only require ample knowledge but also a solid trading strategy like Investment Research Services. One should follow a strategy that suits his requirements and financial targets. If you are not clear with your trading strategy, you cannot achieve your goal. If you are strong in implementing a strategy accurately you can take away huge profits. Take your financial strength, risk tolerance and aim of investing into consideration and build an appropriate strategy.

3. Choose A Good Stock Broker

Stock brokers are the financial institutions which provide investment accounts. Also known as Depository Participants (DP), they provide several essential services in return for certain charges. So, the broker’s role is quite significant in your stock market journey. That is why you must select a broker after proper research. Assess all the top brokers and find out the kind of services they provide and their charges. Also, check how effective a broker’s platform is. Today, many firms offer a share trading app. However, not all of them would be good enough.

 A platform must make investing easy by carrying out transactions smoothly. It should be powerful and quick enough to handle multiple operations at a time. So, pick a share trading app that provides an excellent platform for trading and a seamless user experience. 

4. Open Investment Accounts

After picking a good stockbroker and share trading app, it is time you complete the procedure to open Demat and trading accounts. While a Demat account holds our securities safely in digital format, a trading account allows us to trade for them. Opening Demat and trading accounts is quite easy. Some firms are now also offering online facilities for this. For instance, Kotak Securities provides the facility to open these investment accounts on its website. Alternatively, you can download their share trading app, known as Kotak Stock Trader App. The app provides a step-wise guide to opening Demat and trading accounts. 

How To Open Investment Accounts With Kotak Securities And Start Investing

Let’s now take a glance at how to open the Demat and trading accounts and start investing in a few steps. Below listed are the steps to open Kotak Demat and trading accounts online.

Fill Up The Account Opening Form

Fill out all the necessary details like your name, date of birth, address, email id, phone number etc.

Submit The Relevant Documents

Provide an Aadhaar card,  voter ID, passport, driving license, electricity or telephone bill, etc for identity and address verification. Also, provide bank and pan details. Upload them online in pdf or another picture format.

Complete e-KYC

Complete know your customer formalities. Provide a photo or video of yourself. You can also do it through an aadhaar-based identification system.

sign in to your accounts

Receive the login credentials on your email and mobile number and access your accounts. 

Choose Your Stocks

You will find a complete list of stocks. Pick the ones you want to invest in. Select them from a drop-down list and click ‘proceed’.

Make Your Payment

Now pay the requisite amount. There are several methods available. Use internet banking, debit or credit card, and UPI as you wish.

Place Your Order

Finally, confirm your order. Click on the stock name. A buy button will be visible. Click on it to place your order. Congratulations, you just made your first stock purchase. 

As Kotak Securities guides you through all the steps you need not worry about stock market investments. Moreover, the share trading app is free. It is available on both android and ios platforms. The brokerage charges are quite reasonable. So, you don’t have to worry about costs either. Download it and start trading.

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