Top 5 NFT projects to invest in 2022

Top 5 NFT projects to invest in 2022


Over the past couple of years, there has been a massive explosion in the growth of the NFT industry that has paved a great way for several exciting new projects that come to life. Several of these latest NFTs offer a captivating opportunity for investment for savvy investors who have better provisions to identify them earlier during their entire lifespan.

Our guide today will help discuss the best NFT projects to undertake this year to help you clarify the entire investment landscape. Our post covers the best NFT tokens before highlighting the better investment platforms with no transaction fee involved.

Overview of an NFT project

The Non-Fungible token, or the NFT, is the blockchain-based certificate proving the ownership. These NFTs allow individuals to become the title holder on their property in an entirely transferable way which gets recognized everywhere.

These are the distinctive cryptographic assets that transfigure the whole world while disrupting every sector that begins with finance and art and steadily working through sports, fashion, and beyond.

The NFT project is the troupe of NFTs released by a group with finite supplies. There are NFT collections that observe stylistic similarities with varied attributes. The DeFi wallets are the ideal place for managing your NFT profiles, especially with the help of the frontier wallet as the blockchain analytic platform combining millions of wallets with on-chain data delivering market alpha and condensing every data into the visualised dashboards, especially for the investors.

These NFTs have allowed the play-to-earn model in this gaming sector. However, there is mainly a massive collection of social currencies with crypto investors using NFTs, signalling their status and wealth.

Best NFT Projects

Performing your own research before investing in these non-fungible tokens is essential. These are the projects which are tough to value and numerous NFTs, which are stock, bonds, and other assets which appear that you might have a tough time selling the collectibles in the future.

Any NFT will never make it valuable as there should be a utility of making it collectible valuables. It is better to access the events, discord the groups, or just an art to establish clout in the NFT ecosystems.

1. Axie Infinity

Axies are the creatures used to play the prominent blockchain-based game Axie Infinity. You require 3 Axies to play the game; therefore, the platform allures more users with the price of Axies that naturally increases. Axies vary in cost, depending on their aspects. However, you can choose one today for just $2.

The play-to-earn game revolves centrally around the Axies being launched by Sky Mavis. The players start collecting, battling, and breeding these NFT creatures under the game suggestive of Pokemon.

These three Axies are required for playing Axie Infinity, with owners starting to breed and sell their Axies for profit or even lending them to the other players by creating a passive income stream.

2. Bored Ape Yacht Club

These are exemplary simian NFTs staying at the top of the NFT project, being ranked under the cultural fame and market cap. There is a rising list of celebrities who own Bored Apes under the current marginal cost of 77 ETH and a market cap of 810,000 ETH. The Bored Ape Yacht Club has secured its place in the NFT space.

Being the owner of the Bored Ape arrives with an entire string of benefits that goes beyond the social curves allowed on Twitter. The Bored Apes owners have received several airdrops of the other NFT collections, which is noticeably the Mutant Ape Yacht Club. There are even real-world events for the owners with the merchandise under limited editions.

But, the intellectual rights of properties get attached to the NFT grants having the greater effective benefits. A few even argue that they are considered extremely safer investment options with the entrenchment of the bored Apes in the sphere of NFT.

3. Metaverse Land NFTs

Virtual Reality Land is considered one of the distinctive ways to invest in these non-fungible tokens. The two strong virtual reality ecosystems where you buy and sell land are the Decentraland and The Sandbox.

These platforms allow you to monetize your land through real estate development, where a few investors have made amusement parks, casinos, and NFT museums for monetizing their land. Others just buy this virtual reality land, making it a speculative investment for selling later.

4.Mutant Ape Yacht Club – Yuga Labs

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club follows up the smash hit of Yuga Labs, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The Bored Apes get hoarded by venture capitalists and celebrities, whereas the mutant apes offer a highly affordable way of accessing a similar network.

The NFT marketplace has over 20,000 Mutants, which includes a handful of “Mega Mutants” carrying price tags as low as 3,000 ETH or $5 million. The Mutant Apes are made available to the Bored Ape Yacht Club holders through an airdrop.

Every 30,000 apes or the bored and mutant got granted early access to Adida’s “Into the Metaverse” NFT project, which is reselling over 5x of their retail prices recently. It even pays to become a member of the club. Investors can also check out the value of the MAYC, with an average price of around 13 ETH or $21,000.

5.World of Women

The collection celebrates the representations and comprehensive and equal opportunities for women. It is a collection of 10,000 digital artworks for women across varied backgrounds and honouring female representations. Yam Karkai created it with colourful female figures that have witnessed more than 70K+ETH trading volumes on different platforms, especially on the Open Sea.

The project has managed numerous humanitarian approaches to support women’s rights worldwide. The project brought diversities with demand representation to the NFT space. The owners are retaining their commercial rights to their NFT, gaining access to the community for World of Women.

Best way to buy NFTs

Eventually, now that you know about the best NFT projects, we will focus on purchasing them. As you might know, the NFTs are purchased at the dedicated NFT marketplaces using crypto or FIAT. Although there are various options, our best pick is

The platform involved in the NFT space, although it is famous for its crypto exchange services, offers a dedicated NFT marketplace. Some users can start buying NFTs from the blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a diverse range of assets to pick from.


Considering the bear market, it has not spared any area for the digital asset space and the massive marketplaces such as OpenSea that have witnessed a good decline in their trade volumes. However, the volume metrics and the prices ignore the growth utility application of the NFTs.

Our guide has presented the most fundamental overview of the best NFT projects to undertake this year and highlighted their key attributes and potential values. You will place yourself in the pole position for making potential investment decisions for the longer term by knowing about the upcoming NFT projects with greater effectiveness.

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