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What You Need To Know About Travel Anxiety


Travelling offers an escape and an opportunity for discovery, but for many, it triggers anxiety. Recognising travel anxiety in advance is crucial for taking preventive action and ensuring a smoother journey. In addition to addressing symptoms, considering family travel insurance can provide reassurance in unforeseen circumstances.

Defining Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety occurs when the anticipation of a trip induces fear or avoidance due to specific concerns. Individuals with existing anxiety issues may experience heightened symptoms triggered by travel-related stressors.

Symptoms Of Travel Anxiety

Several signs can indicate travel anxiety:

  1. Increased Irritability: Heightened anger and anxiety about the upcoming itinerary may manifest in the days leading up to the trip.
  2. Difficulty Concentrating: Preoccupation with travel-related worries can lead to trouble concentrating at work and persistent thoughts about the impending journey
  3. Sleep Disturbances: Trouble falling asleep or disrupted sleep due to anxious thoughts about the trip can indicate travel anxiety.
  1. Over-Reliance On Itinerary: Continuous checking and seeking confirmation from others may stem from the fear of forgetting details, indicating underlying anxiety.

Triggers Of Travel Anxiety

Various factors can contribute to travel-related anxiety:

  • Air Travel: Flights, with factors such as turbulence, high altitudes, and claustrophobia during takeoff and landing, often trigger anxiety.
  • Negative Trip Stories: Exposure to stories of crimes, accidents, or mishaps during travel can create a negative association, intensifying travel anxiety.
  • Comfort Zone Disruption: Leaving one’s comfort zone can induce stress, particularly for individuals uncomfortable with leaving their familiar surroundings.
  • Anxiety While Traveling: Some experience anxiety during the journey or upon reaching the destination related to accommodation, commuting, financial concerns, unfamiliar environments, and language barriers.
  • Genetic Component: Studies suggest a genetic link to anxiety, indicating that the brain’s structure may play a role in predisposing individuals to travel anxiety.

Strategies To Alleviate Travel Anxiety

Understanding triggers is crucial for developing effective coping strategies:

  • Identify Trigger Points: Recognising specific triggers allows individuals to avoid or manage them proactively. In severe cases, psychotherapy may offer assistance.
  • Delegate Home Responsibilities: Addressing concerns about unfinished tasks at home can be alleviated by hiring a house sitter or asking a friend for periodic check-ins, ensuring a smooth absence.
  • Travel With Companions: For those anxious about solo travel, having a friend or companion can significantly reduce fear and uncertainty, fostering a more enjoyable experience.
  • Scenario Planning: Anticipating and planning for potential challenges, such as getting lost or requiring medical attention, can decrease anxiety about the unknown. Purchasing international travel insurance provides added protection against unforeseen risks.

Strategies like identifying triggers, delegating tasks, travelling with companions, using distractions, and scenario planning effectively minimise anxiety linked to upcoming journeys. These proactive approaches empower individuals to enjoy travel with greater ease and peace of mind. Additionally, obtaining travel insurance offers peace of mind by addressing concerns about uncertainties during travel. For those travelling with family, purchasing family travel insurance is a prudent way to mitigate worries and ensure a smoother journey. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

If you decide to travel locally within your country instead of on an international trip, always ensure you get domestic travel insurance for your travel safety.

*Standard T&C Apply

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