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4. How to create a good press release?


Press releases are an excellent tool for companies to communicate with the outside world. This can be for simple information or the launch of a product, but also the way for a new company to announce its creation.

In any case, for your press release to bring you real visibility, you must invest in its writing. A good press release contains a catchy title, a complete summary, a detailed body of text, a precise presentation of your company, but also images, quotes and statistics. Don’t forget the contact details of the people to contact.

You have all the necessary information, but you don’t know how to articulate it? You’ve come to the right place: keep reading to find out how to create a great press release!

What topic should you address in your press release?

Almost any organization can write a press release: it can be an SME, a large company, an NGO, an association or even a municipality. Depending on the company in question, the subject can be very different:

  • The launch of a new product or service
  • Participation in a contest or competition – and the final result
  • A new partnership
  • A customer testimonial
  • Organizing an event
  • A brand repositioning process
  • Announce an acquisition or merger
  • Managing a crisis within the company

At Liana Technologies, we actively publish press releases via LianaPress and our own websites. The press releases cover many subjects: when we reached the final of the EBA (European Business Awards) in 2019 for example, our entry into the Brazilian market last year or to inform about the publication of the results of our surveys.

To find out which type of press release is most effective, see our article What Journalists Say: Which Press Release Gets in the Media?

How to start writing the press release?

When you have decided on the subject of your press release, it is time to write it. To facilitate the writing process, the structure of your press release can be divided into three parts

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