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The top 10 skills of the future.?


In a constantly changing world, the skills required by companies yesterday are no longer those of today and even less those of tomorrow. What skills will be most in demand in the future? What skills will allow you to stand out on the job market? Here is a list of the 10 skills established at the last World Economic Forum.

Solving complex problems

In the world of big data and artificial intelligence, computers are becoming smarter than human beings. But machines are not yet smart enough to make decisions and solve complex problems. You have to learn to look at the big picture, then cut the problem into small pieces and solve it step by step. It is therefore a very important skill to develop and which comes naturally with work and real life experience.

Critical thinking is crucial! It consists of using logic and reasoning to question a problem, consider different solutions and weigh the pros and cons of each approach. Critical thinking helps to implement innovative ideas and understand the logical connections between them.

Creativity is and will remain an indispensable skill in the future world of work. It is not the exclusive domain of artistic profiles. Because if machines make it possible to work faster, they cannot be creative. It is the creativity of the person who invents the machine. If you are able to link disparate information together and bring your ideas together to come up with something β€œnew”, you are creative. But this talent does not respond to any recipe. It’s a question of curiosity, to be honed over time.

people management

Like every king needs a kingdom, every ruler relies on a team to achieve his goal. Regardless of your profession and job, knowing how to motivate yourself or your team to maximize their productivity and meet demands is vital.

The coordination

The success of a team depends heavily on the coordination between its members. Coordinating with others – who may not think like you – involves strong communication skills, an awareness of others’ strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to work with different personalities.

Emotional intelligence helps us tune into the emotions of others. It is our ability to adapt our behavior based on the mood of a co-worker, partner, family member, or even our own internal feelings. Before controlling the emotions of others, you must first control your own. Only then can you influence others and work together.

Judgment and decision making

The need for this skill will never diminish as it is the most important, highly required in business. It is not only about the ability to make decisions and make judgments, but also about the ability to make correct and appropriate decisions. Mastering this skill requires all the others, such as critical thinking, patience, good powers of observation and, most importantly, courage.

Service orientation

What will customers want in the future? What will their concerns be? Anticipating the needs of potential customers is one of the keys to staying ahead of the race. Get inside their head and guess what they’re going to like before it actually does!

Negotiation techniques

Achieving a desired agreement without dispute is a key part of negotiation skills. Most people fail to get the deal they want because they lack the skills to do so. However, even people working in purely technical professions must demonstrate interpersonal skills and be able to negotiate with their colleagues, managers, customers, etc.

Cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is how quickly (and easily) you can juggle different thought systems (e.g. creative brain, math brain, critical brain, etc.).

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