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Can Car Modifications Alter Your Car Insurance Quotes?


If you’re a person who loves your car and wants to make changes to it, you will want those changes to be covered in case anything happens to your car. But modifications and car insurance aren’t simple topics, so let’s cover what you need to consider about modifications before you get a car insurance quotes in Troy.

What Do Insurers Define as A Modification? 

Any change that is made to a car that was not done by the manufacturer is a modification, and these modifications usually come under these categories. 

Aesthetics Modifications: Chrome bumpers, personalized paint jobs, upgraded sound systems and unique lighting. 

Performance Modifications: Enhancements to things like suspension, turbochargers and strut bars. 

Here are some examples of modifications seen often:

  •     Custom suspensions
  •     Wifi inclusions
  •     Sway bars/anti-roll bars
  •     Carpeting
  •     Customized rims
  •     Bumper additions
  •     Unique paint jobs

What Modifications Get Discounts?

Certain modifications you can make to your car may result in a cheaper premium. These modifications are often any that increase the safety of your car or protect the driver. 

Some include: 

  •     Security and alarm systems
  •     Daytime running lights and adaptive headlights.
  •     Parking sensors
  •     Front and rear cameras
  •     Dash Cams

What Insurance Covers Modified Cars

If you’re looking to insure your modified cars, there are some specific types of car insurance coverage that may be offered to you by the agent or company involved. These are as follows: 

Supplemental Coverage

This adds extra security to your basic policy and is sometimes known as Specialized Parts Coverage or Personalized Car Insurance and covers the cost of unique features and aftermarket parts to a predetermined amount. In order to add this to your policy you already need comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. 

If the car is a total loss, this coverage will pay you the lesser of the actual cash value of your car, minus the deductible or the amount you claim it’s worth. 

Classic Car Insurance

If you plan to modify your classic car, your insurance company has to know. Otherwise, all repairs and parts replacements will become your own expense and any custom parts won’t be protected.

Stated Amount Coverage

This type of coverage is great for taking care of collectables or antique automobiles that have sentimental and unique value. 

Do You Really Need Modified Insurance?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth telling your insurance company about your car’s modified parts, you should be aware of the very useful benefits you’ll gain from disclosing this information to your insurer. 

Protect Your Modifications

Conventional insurance premiums don’t cover the modified aspects, meaning you’ll have to replace them all in an out-of-pocket manner, and this can be difficult to manage. 

Keeps Your Insurance Intact

Your policy may become invalid if you don’t disclose all the aspects of your car. This can make you an uninsured driver in some states. 

Safeguard Against Claims Against You

If you want to file a claim, it may be rejected if you haven’t incorporated your modifications. On the other hand, if another motorist files a claim against you, the modifications may lead to your insurer deciding not to cover you as well.  

Your Coverage is Guaranteed

If you want to have peace of mind, letting the insurers know about modifications is the best way to avoid out-of-pocket costs and financial stress.

Is There Anything Not Covered? 

Some auto modifications are not covered by auto insurance, and they are as follows:

  •     Any racing modifications, including performance tuning, roll cages and nitrous oxide injections will not always be covered. 
  •     Any audio or entertainment systems won’t be covered by all insurers, this will require additional coverage. 
  •     Any off-road alterations such as lift kits will not be covered as they are not used on commercial roads. 

Talk To the Right People

If you want the appropriate level of coverage for your car modifications, you will want to work with an insurance agent who understands your passion and wants to help you protect these aspects of your car. With an understanding insurance agent, you’ll be able to find the appropriate level of coverage that best represents your individual needs on the roads and will protect your investment in your car. 

If you’re in the market for one such insurance agent, you can find them at the NY Insurance Hub An independent insurance agency, they have relationships with the most loved insurers in all of NY and represent locals like you, who love their cars. 

NY Insurance Hub Agency

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